About SPEC

SPEC is being run under the aegis of Electronics and Communication Department, NIT Hamirpur and the department itself has collaborated in the various activities conducted by SPEC. We organise various events, workshops, and electronics competitions for the enhancement of technical acumen of students. The society also invites various guest speakers and lecturers from around India to deliver talks during the SPEC-FEST. The society holds a prominent position among various societies present in the college. The technical events coupled with the fun bonanza, the SPEC-FEST, and other competitions conducted at regular period are major hit among the students. The team has worked for the benefits of students in past and promise to continue its contribution with full dedication in future.

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Dr. Ashok Kumar

Over the past years, NIT Hamirpur had witnessed changes in the dynamic thoughts and concrete ideas of the young aspiring engineers. Team Spec has always played a great role in connecting young with the experienced. They not only provide knowledge to the students but also instill passion in them so that they may bring more advancements in their field.

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Dr. Dharmendra Singh Yadav

In the process, the establishment of team SPEC is indeed a challenging prospect with high hopes and big aspirations. A progressive and positive momentum is imparted by the targeted Vision and Mission of SPEC. The motto that we uphold is Service and Excellence. Our approach is interactive, innovative and quintessentially holistic.

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President, SPEC

Mr. Sarthak Jain

'If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ We, as Team SPEC believe, each of us has a leader within us, blazing with ideas and motivation. We believe in spreading this light of enlightenment, joy, and learning to all people. The motto of ‘We Rise, We Shine’ is what we have been abiding by. The dream is to take everyone forward in the stride and help each other achieve milestones. The legacy left to us must continue. Let us keep the flag flying high.

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Vice-President, SPEC

Mr. Karan Singh Parmar

The change in the vision and development of technical activities with high hopes and aspirations is quite fast. In tune with these changes SPEC has also been transforming itself to adopt and provide the best possible learning experience to prepare young minds to solve the complex problems. SPEC is continuously moving forth with high aspirations towards its progressive and targeted vision.