5th Feb - 7th Feb


Join hundreds of participants in Electrothon - A plentitude of opportunities where enthusiastic minds could brainstorm on solutions for challenging issues through technology. Put your skills to the test, and you could win amazing prizes and sharpen your competitive edge. So be ready to caffeinate, collaborate and celebrate.




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A platform which also provides an opportunity for women to meet their peers, interact with potential mentors, and to test their abaility to leverage technology to solve real-world problems. It's time for women participants to showcase their true talents and build ideas. Electrothon supports the theme - "Think equal, build smart, innovate for change", and promotes women developers around the globe. With that spirit, we invite women innovators, developers, creaters, designers and hackathon enthusiasts to showcase their projects and take them to the next level.


Wisdom in post industrial world is knowing when to advance forward and when to step back to consider the consequences of our decisions. While being cocooned by technology, we have dismissed the thoughts about things that nature, and not technology can provide. So get creative and lead your team on the quest to find the right balance.


We all know at least one person who dreams of launching their own brand, or maybe you yourselves plan to do so. Browse this category for some of the problems faced by the organizations and individuals in the business, furthermore take upon the challenge to find creative solutions for these issues.


Change is inevitable and let's accept that there is no going back to the routines we had before Corona hit us. But what we can do now is find ways to upgrade our lives and of those around us in the 'New Normal'. Well if your mind is changing gears while reading this then Congratulations! We proudly provide you a platform to shape your ideas.


Technology has been tearing us apart in the epoch of time we are currently in, but there is one thing with the ability to bind us all together - Culture. What we need is the right balance between the two for the smooth functioning of this complex social institute called life. We invite you to work upon creating nuanced technology while respecting our culture.


Once new products have been developed secretly and behind closed doors, today a targeted integration of customers, researchers, suppliers and partners into the innovation activities takes place. If none of the above mentioned categories excites you, you are free to come up with an innovation of your own.


Organizational Problem Statements

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Computer Vision Hackathon

Problem A- Bedsheet Overlapping
Problem B- Changing Dress Color
Problem C- Human Removal Foreground


Top 3 Teams will be interviewed for full-time roles and internships.
Winner will get cash prize of Rs 15,000. Cash prizes worth upto Rs 10,000 to the novel approaches and their solutions accuracy.

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Ai Borne

Workshop XR

Using Augmented Reality to Digitally Simulate complex machines and relevant processes involved in college laboratories and workshops.


Rs. 4000 to the winning team.
Paid internship to the team based on interviews.

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Suitable AI

Employee Referral Platform

Build a platform to analyze and gather information about your connections from different popular professional portals.


A cash prize of Rs. 2000 to the winning team along with the internship opportunity.

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IEEE Mandi

Go Online

Build a framework to analyze the skin pigmentation of a patient and generate a detailed medical report for the same. Use machine learning to study the skin color of the patient.


A cash prize of Rs. 2500 to the winning team.

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Frontend with Flutter

We have a zapier clone ready. We want to change the frontend for our current software using flutter.

What do you get?

Mentor Support throughout to help plan and solve
Free Training on tools(DevOps, Git, Project Management)
A cash prize of Rs. 2000 to the winning team.


Jan, 31

AFH Diversity Roundtable Event

Here is an opportunity for you all with an equal right to participate in a round table discussion to hold a close discussion and explore Sustainable Business- Need of the hour, with our esteemed guest speaker Dr. Nayan Mitra

Feb, 2

Mr. Shiva Venkatraman Talk

Founder & CEO of Varidus, a Cloud & Digital Transformation Expert will deliver the talk on Cloud Computing. He is an entrepreneurial business growth leader experience in providing strategic direction in incubating and scaling cloud businesses.

Feb, 3

Niharika Arora (Live on Insta)

Miss Niharika Arora is an active technical blogger, a google developer expert, an open source contributor and public speaker. She is a woman with dynamic personality and an inspiration to the youth.

Feb, 4

Coding Blocks Workshop

A "MACHINE LEARNING" workshop to make students proficient in ideas that how systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimum human intervention.

Feb, 5

Electrothon 3.0

07:00 PM - Inauguration
07:30 PM - Judges Introduction
07:30 PM - Organisations Introduction
07:30 PM - Mini Events Prizes Distribution
08:00 PM - Live Q & A
08:00 PM - Moving to Discord
08:00 PM - Hacking Begins
09:00 PM - EchoAR Workshop
11:00 PM - GeeksForGeeks Coding Event

Feb, 6

Electrothon 3.0

11:00 AM - GeeksForGeeks Workshop
04:00 PM - Requestly Workshop
06:30 PM - Miri Rodriguez Talk

Feb, 7

Electrothon 3.0

09:00 AM - Update of Teams on Discord
02:00 PM - AFH Founder Talk - for ALL
04:30 PM - HACKING ENDS - Final Submissions
05:00 PM - Cipher School Workshop
06:00 PM - Update of Top 10 Teams
07:30 PM - Final Presentation of Top 10 Teams ends (5-7 mins per team)
09:00 PM - Closing Ceremony
09:30 PM - Result Announcement




1. INR 12,000 cash prize
2. Investment and Incubation
3. Clerky Lifetime Incubation Package
4. 90% off Coding Blocks courses
5. DSA Foundation course worth Rs 3500 from Geeks for geeks
6. $250 Worth Credits from Digital Ocean
7. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access
8. 1yr Personal subscription on Interwebs.host
9. 1Password family subscription for 6 months


Runner Up

1. INR 8,000 cash prize
2. Investment and Incubation
3. 80% off Coding Blocks
4. $250 Worth Credits from Digital Ocean
5. Courses on Java worth Rs 2500 from Geeks for geeks
6. 1yr personal subscription on Interwebs.host
7. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access


Best Women's
Team Winner

1. INR 5,000 cash prize
2. Investment and Incubation
3. 70% off coding blocks
4. $125 Worth Credits at Digital Ocean
5. Courses on Java worth Rs 2500 from Geeks for geeks
6. 1yr personal subscription on Interwebs.host
7. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access

Best beginner

1. INR 2500 cash prize
2. $125 Worth Credits from Digital Ocean
3. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access
4. T-shirts and Stickers

Best WebD

1. INR 1500 cash prize
2. 100% discount on Cipher School Course
3. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access
4. $125 worth credits from Digital Ocean
5. 1yr personal subscription on Interwebs.host

Best Open

1. INR 1500 cash prize
2. $100 Worth Credits from Digital Ocean
3. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access

Best Project in

1. INR 1500 cash prize
2. $100 worth credits from Digital Ocean
3. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access

Best Project in

1. INR 1500 cash prize
2. $125 Worth Credits from Digital Ocean
3. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access

Best Project in
and Technology

1. INR 1500 cash prize
2. $100 worth credits from Digital Ocean
3. Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access

Top 10 Teams

1. Wolfram|One and
Wolfram|Alpha Pro 1yr free access
2. $100 worth credits from Digital Ocean

All participants

1. Wolfram|One 30-day license
2. Sashido credit 45-day
3. 20% discount coupons on all Rosenfeld ebooks
4. Interview Cake interview prep course access
5. Discount voucher worth Rs 300 from Geeks for geeks
6. Balsamiq 90-day trial account
7. 50% off on personal subscription on Interwebs.host



Miri Rodriguez

Niharika Arora

Dr. Nayan Mitra

Shiva V.



Aman Bhardwaj

MS Research Scholar at IIT Delhi

Anshul Goyal

Founder,AIborne Tech.


Ashish jain

CEO at JSS Business Incubator

Devanshu Monga

Community Executive, GeeksForGeeks

Isha Goyal

Associate at Goldman Sachs

Jai Dhawan

Ex Head - Data Analytics, HT

Karan Bhargav

Community Associate, GeeksForGeeks

Niharika Ahuja

SDE - Microsoft


Rishabh Gaur

SMT, Teamstand (The D.E. Shaw Group)

Soham Dixit

Enginner III, American Express

Tejus Wadbudhe

AR-MR Developer, Evangelist

Devanshu Monga


Karan Bhargav


What is Electrothon?
Electrothon is a national level hackathon where you come with an idea and leave with a community. It is a platform to develop cool projects and showcase them to internationally acclaimed Tech-Speakers and Judges. Above all, you leave with quirky T-Shirts and coolest stickers :)
Do I need to have some specific qualifications to be a participant for the Electrothon?
Yes, you must be a student from any designated University/College.
Do I need experience?
No, you do not require any prior experience in development. We will provide you with mentors to help you figure out things. Of course, a will to think, learn, and collaborate will be cherry on the cake.
Do I need to present physically?
No, the complete hackathon is virtual, join our discord channel to stay updated.
What kind of solutions will be accepted?
You can propose solutions based on the themes mentioned in the project category. Technology does not matter.
Can a college have multiple teams?
Yes, there is no restriction here. We also welcome inter-college teams.
Who owns my project?
The team that develops the project is the owner of the project. We do encourage sharing of code with others in the community or making code open source but it is not mandatory.
What are the selection criteria?
Evaluation criteria will include novelty of the idea, complexity, clarity and details in the prescribed format, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, scale of impact, user experience and potential for future prospects.
What do I get from the event?
The winners will be awarded prizes worth 30k. The short-listed participants will get certificates, schwags and a platform to showcase their talents. There will be special prizes for the best hack built on the APIs and SDKs of the partner companies.
What is the goal of the Electrothon?
We want to create an environment that embraces new ideas and technology solutions at the industry level. A place where technology designers and developers can come to help real life problems which can be solved through engineering. We know it takes longer than a weekend to build great solutions, but this is ample time to form teams of good people and begin creating great solutions.
How does Electrothon promote diversity?
To promote active participation of females, we encourage female participation via targeted events/workshops. Also, we strictly follow our code of conduct to make a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for everyone. To ensure this, we have separate prizes worth 10k for the best female-only team.
Do we need to apply in teams?
Yes, the hackathon requires you to register in a team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants.
Are there any sponsored challenges and API prizes?
There will be API prizes from multiple sponsors to build a hack on top of their APIs or SDKs. Keep an eye out on the website and social media handles, where we'll be adding more ideas to hack on closer to the event. Teams are free to pick from them as well.
What if I have more queries?
You can reach out to us any time at spec@nith.ac.in as well as our social media platforms
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