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Join hundreds of participants in Electrothon - A plentitude of opportunities where enthusiastic minds could brainstorm on solutions for challenging issues through technology. Put your skills to the test, and you could win amazing prizes and sharpen your competitive edge. So be ready to caffeinate, collaborate and celebrate.


A platform for women participants to showcase their true talents and build ideas. Electrothon supports the theme - "Think equal, build smart, innovate for change", and promotes women developers around the globe. With that spirit, we invite women innovators, developers, creaters, designers and hackathon enthusiasts to showcase their projects and take them to the next level.


A true leader always embraces challenges with an open mind and heart, which also makes him a winner. In search of this leader, team SPEC conducted ELECTROTHON 2020 efficiently on 1st and 2nd of Feb.
The smart and precise work of all the 100+ teams plus the methodical approach of SPEC made Electrothon worth every effort made by each individual.
The assessment of the projects was a complex task but eventually every competition ends with winners and with new innovators.
We are proud to present the winners of ELECTROTHON'20 :

Team Drishti
NIT Hamirpur

  1. Rishabh Dhenkawat
  2. Uttkarsh Chaurasiya
  3. Navdeep
  4. Mohd Nomaan

<\ 15,000 >

Team Clover
IIT Roorkee

  1. Saurabh Singh Gautam
  2. Pulkit Jeph
  3. Sagar Prateek
  4. David Gokimummung

<\ 10,000 >

Team Meraki
NIT Hamirpur

  1. Tanuja Pal
  2. Anjali Ruhela
  3. Kritika Shrivastava
  4. Rani Jairaj

<\ 5,000 >


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Tech Speaker

Himanshu Shankar

Challenges in Product Development, Web/APP Development.

Himanshu Works as Software Engineer at CERTA, a valley-based StartUp Building product being used by Fortune 500 Companies for TPRM & CLM Actively involved in Tech Community: 101Loop and offering mentorship to Tier-2/3 college students.

Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran

Firefox Reality and Mozilla Hubs

Getting into the immersive technology and making it feasible was the sole purpose of the talk by MS. Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran, on 1 February 2020 at NITH during Electrothon 2020. Bhuvana is WebXR/AR/VR evanglist and a prominent Mozilla Rep. She has been conferred with the most prestigious award "Dr. Kalam young achievers award" in the year 2017 for her projects on open source and society beneficial application.

The talk started with a fun interaction including puns and jokes related to the technology sector. Later, she introduced the participants with the basics of AR/VR . What does the 'Virtual Reality' means? How to make someone understand, the uses and advantages of these emerging technologies? Then the audience witnessed the world of AR, VR and XR. She simplified the definition of 'virtual reality' as 'near reality', as the word virtual means near and reality is what we experience as a human being. The talk explained the various uses and advantages of webXR /AR/VR such as how it is far more portable than any other platform and all you need is a web browser to use it. Explaining furthermore, she told the students the concept of XR, wherein 'X' is yet to be filled with a new thing. They were described as the key portals into the immersive technology. The basic introduction was followed by services provided by Mozilla to access and build upon AR and VR. Mozilla hubs is a VR chatroom designed for every headset and browser. As the students haven't came across Mozilla rather than it's Firefox browser, she used that opportunity to rightly propagate about the community and how they involve themselves in volunteer contribution. Mozilla provides platforms WebXR, WebVR, WebAR as developer portals for the creators to work upon their ideas and build interactive games and services. The services cover umpteen number of domains . Varying from education and healthcare to entairnment and infotainment. One such instance was described , in which an application was developed for simulation of prototyping of PCBs.

More than 200 students attended the talk and were enlightened by the knowledge and wisdom delivered by Bhuvana. It ended with a display of an immersive game. A live game room was created in the form of an island. People joined in the room and landed upon the island and could access it's virtual assets via their mobile phones. The game proved to a great stress buster to the participants of the hackathon. We hope all the students of NITH will again get this pleasure of meeting her in the future and learning something out of the box.

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Team SPEC is conducting a certification workshop on Machine Learning in collaboration with Coding Blocks where you could help machines to learn without being explicitly programmed. In this course, students will follow industry-standard programming practices to build intelligent systems working on Al algorithms and data crunching.
The workshop will be conducted by certified trainer Prateek Narang who will take you through the course from scratch. Grab this opportunity knocking just right at your doorsteps. Utilize your time in the best way.

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