Coming for all of you from somwhere far,
far away from NITH... 





Coming for all of
you from somwhere far,
far away from NITH... 


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Electrothon 3.0 achieved great milestones in the history of NITH. Following that Team SPEC is back with its marvelous annual tech fiesta - SPECFEST to sum up all the spectacular work done in past year along with celebrating amazing accomplishments. Embrace this journey coupled with brainstorming events and unlimited fun like never before.


Upcoming Events

To take you in the world of star wars and amazing level of fun in this home boredom we have many spectacular events for you.


Bounty Hunt

Team Spec is back to recharge those neurons with the greatest event tailormade just for you. This Bounty-Hunt brings forth an opportunity to traverse through the infinite universe of mind boggling riddles, exciting ciphers and many other brainstorming problems. All you need is a team and excellent problem solving skills to win some amazing perks including cash prizes. If you think you have a keen eye for things that aren't very straightforward but cryptic? Then we invite you to this little brainstorming event on 20th March, 2021 to join in this exhilarating quest among hundred others for the finest bounty-hunters out there!



Clear the decks and garner your wits for a riveting AR-based fun contest to test your mettle and transport you to the mystical world of Star Wars. The bout is going to be simple. You'll be given ten folders containing ten pictures each. Scan the pictures and, lo and behold, an enigmatic clue will pop up on one particular picture in each folder. The clue might baffle you initially and leave you scratching your head for a while, but mark my words, the answer lies in the clue itself. If this still doesn't help you reach the answer, just spare a glance at the picture on which the clue is augmented and you'll be all set to go. We hope to see you with your best foot forward on the __ of March. Till then, let the zest augment!


Empire Rush

“In my experience there is no such thing as luck”: Obi-wan(Star wars) Let's test your luck in the game of Empire Rush tailor made just for you to break the monotony of long boring Wikipedia pages. Gazing over the various Wikipedia pages going from links to links, buckle up to win the race in just intensifying 2:30 minutes each of numerous challenges. Be there at the initial point of this marathon by joining the room with the code provided. Just remember "it's never too late to try". Find as many paths as soon as you can because the points will be awarded on your clicks and time. All you need is a little vision to crack this game. See you on 19th Of March,2021

IoTIoT Industrial Training

Prime yourself for the enlightening first event, the first episode in the series which can be your first step towards industrial exposure. So relish all the knowledge you can!

Bounty Hunt Start

Hey Einstein! Stuck with cracking those monotonous problems and completing your assignments? Don’t worry! Team Spec is back to recharge those neurons with the greatest event tailormade just for you. Here you go!!

Some Quick Guidelines

Whatever your answer is to each riddle, it will guide you to the next checkpoint. If there is only one word, it must be entered in small alphabets, and if there are several words, Camel Casing must be used. If the answer to your riddle is a single word, such as 'rohit,' your next location will be '' and if it isn't a single word, such as 'rohit rathi,' your next location will be ''  You have full control over how much you refresh your tab. If your word is correct You will see next page. The person who completes all of the routes and locates baby Yoda at the end will be declared the winner. You might come across some meeting links, some of which will be kept as a trap and others which will lead you to a website.